Gourmet is our Promise…

The greatest connections are often made over delicious food surrounded by wonderful atmosphere. At Aviva, we believe that food has the potential to connect people, create new experiences, and shape our lives which is why we are so dedicated to providing an unparalleled culinary experience.

Dining the Way it Was Meant to Be

Our culinary team represents a wide spectrum of backgrounds, training, and experience while sharing a true passion for elegance and flavor. Dinners which are served in the Main Dining room are meant to represent the days of formal suppers and elevated home cooking. White table cloths, formal wait staff, and a classic dress code help create the fine dining experience that represents our culinary art!

Food & Friends

For those looking for a more casual meal option or to grab a cup of coffee with friends, we are happy to offer breakfast and lunch in our cafe. Enjoy fresh omelets and waffles with your morning paper or gourmet salads and housemade soups for an early lunch. Our warm and welcoming staff are available to provide high-quality food options in a friendly and energetic atmosphere.

Kosher Goes Gourmet

When our founders opened the doors to Aviva in 1993 they instilled in our campus the values and traditions of the Jewish faith. Those values which help guide the experience we provide extend to our commitment of keeping the food we prepare 100% Kosher. Based on ancient dietary laws, Kosher food simply means getting the highest quality ingredients while forgoing certain items like pork and shellfish. One other dietary restriction is to prevent the mixing of meat and dairy products, which poses a unique challenge to our culinary team. However, visit our dining room any night and experience our Chef’s housemade soups made with his own broth, freshly prepared Prime Rib with deliciously creamy mash potatoes, and decadent chocolate cake, and you will quickly see how gourmet Kosher food can be!

Locally Sourced, Florida Strong

Aviva’s beautiful location situated on the sunshine coast of Florida provides endless days of sun. While we know how good that weather can be for beachgoers and tourists it also means a huge selection of local ingredients to work into our culinary experience. We are proud to source our produce, fish, and meat from local providers who bring in fresh ingredients every single day. Want to see how devoted we are to fresh ingredients? Visit our Chef’s own herb garden which he maintains with the help of residents right on campus.