For Carolyn Kaplan, Aviva – A Campus for Senior Life has always been a perfect choice to call home. Here she could be around people with shared interests, beliefs, and who have become incredible friends and neighbors while living independently at Kobernick at Aviva.

Carlyn Kaplan, resident of Benderson Skilled Nursing and Rehabiliation at Aviva.

As she quickly became involved in everything Aviva had to offer she felt comfortable knowing that if she ever needed it, the campus had additional services across the continuum of care including Anchin Assisted Living, Anchin Memory Care, and Benderson Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation. Seven years ago, Carolyn would have never imagined needing these services, but one evening changed everything.

Why Carolyn Moved to Benderson Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

In early May 2018, Carolyn was brought to the hospital after collapsing in her apartment. Her doctors made the decision that after a week, she should be moved to a rehab facility where she could continue to recover. Without hesitation, Carolyn asked to be admitted to Benderson.

“For me, the decision to go to Benderson was rather simple. Over the years I had observed the quality of care of friends who were there. I had complete confidence in the capability of the staff and my fear of what was ahead vanished knowing the I was with my Aviva family.”

As a skilled nursing and rehabilitation community, Benderson at Aviva specializes in personalized care for those recovering from illnesses, surgeries, and accidents. Through a careful combination of therapy services, 24/7 care, and engaging programs, Benderson’s vision of care is health-focused and wellness-inspired. For patients like Carolyn, a personalized approach and collaborative environment are not only the most comfortable option but the quickest way to a full recovery.

Carolyn’s Recovery at Aviva

While staying at Benderson, Carolyn worked with a team of physical therapists to help strengthen her sense of balance as she recovered. Each day two members of the therapy team would come directly to Carolyn’s room to practice sitting, standing, walking, and using assistive technology like a cane or walker. Now, weeks after being discharged, Carolyn’s therapists visit her senior apartment in Kobernick once a week to continue these sessions.

One of the biggest benefits for any resident of Aviva is the fact that all levels of care are found on one connected campus. Carolyn never had a lack of visitors, as friends and staff from her community at Kobernick Independent Living took the short 2-minute walk or valet golf cart across campus to spend time with her and keep her updated on all the happenings. Once she was up for it, her friends were able to have dinner with her or have her join them at activities across campus. Her community was all around her and she knew she wouldn’t have to recover on her own.

“A major highlight of my experience at Benderson was the care I received. To say the members of the Aviva team went above and beyond would be an understatement. Every single staff member from my nurses to the individuals who came to clean my room was dedicated to my recovery. No matter if it was their job or not, I knew I could ask the staff for anything I needed and they would find a way to communicate my needs to the person who could help. That relief in knowing that I was never really on my own, helped lift so much of the burden.”

After 2 weeks, Carolyn was cleared by her doctors to return to her apartment. Since then, she has become a vocal advocate for Benderson, sharing her experience with current Aviva residents and members of her extended community.

“As we grow older, the idea of needing help or going to a rehab facility becomes scary. We don’t want to admit that we need help and there is always that lingering fear that we won’t be able to do everything we once did. My one piece of advice is to go someplace where the people show passion for the work they do! You can always pick the most high-tech or shiny new recovery option but at the end of the day, it’s about the people who understand your needs and help you along the way and nothing else. I am so grateful that I found that at Benderson”

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