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Your Support Matters

The Jewish Housing Council Foundation is a dependable resource for those who want to enhance the lives of the residents and families of Aviva. We thank the following donors for their generous support:

Ms. Gerri Aaron and Mr. Marvin Albert

Mr. and Mrs. Les Aberson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Abrams

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Abt

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ackerman

Rabbi Barbara Aiello and Dr. Enrico Mascaro

Mrs. Lucille Aker

Mrs. Linda Albert

Ms. Carryl Alexander

Ms. Jodi Amatulli

Mr. Scott Anderson

Andy Frank Fund


Anthony's Cooling-Heating-Electrical

Arlene & Daniel Fisher Foundation

Mr. Mike Ash

Ms. Celia Assiran

Mrs. Leonore August

Ms. Marilyn Avery

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baer

Mrs. Leah Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baron

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bartner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bashevkin

Mr. and Mrs. David Bavar

Mr. and Mrs. Walton Beacham

Ms. Karen Beachy

Ms. Isabel Anchin Becker

Ms. Ruth Bell

Mr. Ronald Bellamy

Benderson Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Berger

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Berkowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bernstein

Ms. Andria Bilan

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Birnbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Andre Block

Mr. Scott Blum

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blumberg

Ms. Irma Blumenthal

Ms. Barbara Blumfield

Ms. Theda Bohrer

Ms. Leonore Borsuk

Mr. Jeff Boyd

Ms. Judith Boyers Gee

Ms. Veronica Brady

Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Braunstein

Ms. Myra Breakstone

Ms. Deborah Breslof

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Matching Gift Program

Ms. Barbara Brizdle

Broadway Partners

Ms. Heidi Brown

Dr. Janet Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Browne

Ms. Amelie Buchler

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Buck

Bucko's, Inc.

Ms. Linda Buxbaum

Mr.* and Mrs. Charles Cahn

Ms. Carol Camiener

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Candee

Ms. Johnette Cappadona

Mr. and Mrs. David Chaifetz

Mr. Gerald Chait

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chait

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chapman

Chappie's Carpet & Floors, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Charnas

Mr. and Mrs. David Chernov

Ms. Barbara Chertok

Ms. Geraldine Clayman

Ms. Laurel Cohen

Ms. Deborah Cohen

Ms. Sue Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cohn

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Collier

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Collier

Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Costa

Mr. and Mrs. William Cotter

Ms. Fran Covalt

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Coville

Dr. Betsy Coville

Ms. B.J. Creighton

Ms. Carole Crosby and Dr. Larry Wickless

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Curd

Mr. Gerard Daniel

Ms. Phyllis Davis

Ms. Faith Daytz

Ms. Kay Delaney and Mr. Murray Bring

Mr. and Mrs. David Denton

Ms. Toby Deutsch

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly DeVine

DEX Imaging

Mr. Donnie Diamond

Mr. and Mrs. Sam DiBiase

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Domber

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Drake

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Drexler

Ms. Phyllis Dreyfuss

Mr. Samuel Edelman

Ms. Barbara Edelman

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Edelman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edelman

Mrs. Miriam Edlin

Dr. and Mrs. Vladimir Einisman

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Einstein

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Eisenberg

Rabbi and Mrs. Michael Eisenstat

Ms. Hinda Elwyn

Ms. Ruth Engman

Mr. and Mrs. Al Ernst

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Essner

Dr. Helen Fagin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fanger

Ms. Tiffany Farrell - Affinity Kitchen and Bath

Ms. Shirley Fein

Mrs. Barbara Feinberg

Ms. Joan Feldman

Mrs. Mildred Field

Ms. Mickey Fine

Mr. Howard Finkel

Ms. Debra Flynt-Garrett

Ms. Rosalind Foer

Ms. Natalie Forman

Mr. and Mrs. James Fox

Mrs. Claire Fox

Ms. Carol Fox Hartz

Mr. and Mrs. Burt Frank

Ms. Andrea Frank

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Frankel

Ms. Joan Franzel

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frederick

Ms. Allie Freedman

Ms. Jean Freeman

Mrs. Suzanne Freund

Ms. Anne Garlington

Mr. Robert Garner and Ms. Dottie Baer Garner

Garner Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Garnick

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Garson

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gerber

Ms. Gloria Ginsberg

Mrs. Doris Glick

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gofman

Dr. and Mrs. Bertram Gold

Ms. Phyllis Goldberg

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Goldblatt

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Golden

Mr. and Mrs. David Goldenberg

Mrs. Leonie Goldfarb

Mr. Alan Goldfarb

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Goldklang

Mr. and Mrs. Mel Goldsmith

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Goldstein

Ms. Grace M. Goldstein

Ms. Joan Golub

Ms. Pamela Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. George Graboys

Mr. and Mrs. Millard Grauer

Mr. Morris Greber

Ms. Phyllis Green

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Green

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Greenbaum

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Greenspan

Mr. and Mrs. Merle Greenwald

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Guinart

Mr. James Haberman

Mrs. Sylvia Haftel

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hagaman

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Halpern

Ms. Renee Hamad

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hamovit

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Handelman

Mr. Robert Harris

Mr. and Mrs. John Harris

Ms. Julie Harris

Harvey E. Gutman Endowment

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Haspel

Mr. and Mrs. Ahron Haspel

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hayden

Healthcare Services Group, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hendel

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Hendricks

Mr. and Mrs. Arn Hoffman

Mr. Benjamin Huberman

Mr. Charlie Huisking

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hunt

Rabbi and Mrs. Geoffrey Huntting

Mr. Herbert Hurwitz

Ms. Phyllis Hurwitz

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Huse

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hyatt

Mr. Dan Idzik

Mr. Elieser Intrator

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Isaacs

Mr. and Mrs. John Isaacs

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Isermann

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jablo

Ms. Carolyn Jackson

Mrs. Barbara Jacobs

Ms. Adelle Jacobs Bernard

Ms. Frederika Jacobson

Ms. Dorothy Jacobson

Ms. Sue Jacobson

Mrs. Lyn Jacobson

Mr. Robert Jensen

Ms. Emma Joels

John & Mable Ringling Museum

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson

Jones Opticians

Ms. Carla Kaatz

Mr. Jules Kanter

Ms. Carolyn Kaplan

Ms. Libbie Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Karp

Ms. Dolores Karpf

Rabbi and Mrs. Peter Kasdan

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Katz

Ms. Marty Katz

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Kauffman

Mrs. Harriet Kaufman

KCI Technologies, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kenny

Kindred At Home

Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Kirson

Mr. and Mrs. James Kitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Klein

Ms. Sarah Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klein

Mr. and Mrs. David Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kline

Ms. Nicci Kobritz

Ms. Eve Kommel

Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron Koplin

Mr. and Mrs. Murray Koren

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Koski

Ms. Beverly Koski

Dr. and Mrs. Philip Kotler

Mr. Robert Krasow

Mr. Ernest Kretzmer

Dr. and Mrs. Irving Kushner

Dr. Diana Lager - Peterson-Lager Education Fund

Ms. Tara Lamb

Mr.* and Mrs. David Lambert

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Lasberg

Mr. and Mrs. Brock Leach

Ms. Selma Levenson

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Leventhal

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Levin

Mr. and Mrs. William Levine

Ms. Arline Levine

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Levine

Ms. Thea Levinsky

Mr. Gerald Levinson

Ms. Janet Levinson

Mrs. Janine Lew

Ms. Melvy Lewis

Ms. Felicia Liban

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Lichtenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lieberman

Mr. and Mrs. David Liner

Mr. Brian Lipton

Dr. David Lipton

Ms. Bea Litsky

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Litzky

Mrs. Stephanie Louis

Mrs. Suzanne Lutkoff

Ms. Mona MacPhail

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Malasky

Mr. Donald Malawsky and Ms. Tess Koncick

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Mallitz

Mr. and Mrs. David Mallitz

Ms. Elinore Mandelker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manteiga

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Marcus

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Marion Levine Foundation

Ms. Nancy Markle

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mason

Ms. Dolores McCann

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McGillicuddy

Ms. Joan Meltzer

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Mendels

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Metsky

Mr. and Mrs. John Metz

Ms. Lois Meyers

Ms. Carolyn Michel and Mr. Howard Millman

Mr. Peter Miller and Mrs. Martha Harrison

Mr. Irving Mishkin

Dr. and Mrs. Lee Mitchel

Ms. Marie Monsky

Ms. Sandra Montgomery

Drs. Joel and Gail Morganroth

Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Morris

Dr. and Mrs. C. Ross Morrison

Ms. Gloria Moss

Ms. Marian Moss

Mote Marine Laboratory, Inc.

Naiditch Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nassau

Ms. Frances Nathanson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Naylor

Mr. and Mrs. Eli Nefussy

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nesbit

Mr. Paul Newman and Ms. Norma Blum

Cantor and Mrs. Neil Newman

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Newmark

Mr. Stanley Newmark

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nutlay

Ms. Sharon Offsie

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Oppen

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Oppenheimer

Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Orkin

Mrs. Ann Orkin

Mrs. Ruth Orne

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Paler

Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Paley

Ms. Shirley Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Parelman

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Pastor

Mrs. Renee Pearl

Pennie Fabrics, Inc.

Mrs. Charlotte Perret

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift Program

Mrs. Carol Phillips

Mr. Jacob Polejes

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Portnoff

Ms. Joyce Printz

Private Physician Services - Dr. Carlos Caballero

Ms. Sharon Prizant

Publix The Landings

Mr. and Mrs. George Quittner

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Raphael

Mr. Bertram Rapowitz

Mr. Arthur Rath

Ms. Alice Rau

Mr. Isidore Reich

Mr. Charles Resnick

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rich

Messrs. Maurice Richards and Jack Kesler

Mr. Michael Richker

Mr. and Mrs. Elkan Ries

Ms. Janet Ries Stern

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ringlestein

Ringling College of Art & Design

Ms. Florence Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Romanow

Mr. Alfred Rose

Ms. Esther Rose

Mr. Harold Rosenberg

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rosenbluth

Mr. Jerry Rosenthal

Mr. Alan Rosenthal

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Rosov

Ms. Elaine Rothenberg

Mrs. Nancy Roucher

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Runge

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Rutstein

Mr. and Mrs. Barnet Sack

Mr. and Mrs. Burton Sack

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sacks

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sadtler

Ms. Pearl Saltzman

Ms. Arlene Salzberg

Mr. and Mrs. William Sandy

Ms. Joan Sapstein

Sarasota Personal Medicine - Steven Fineman, MD

Mr. Arnie Schamban*

Mr. Stanley Schear

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Schiller

Mrs. Betty Schoenbaum

Ms. Sally Schule

Mrs. Ruth Ann Schumeister

Mrs. Adele Schwartz

Ms. Mildred Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Shapiro

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Shapiro

Ms. Stephanie Shaw

Ms. Helen Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Murray Sherry

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Shifrin

Mrs. Margery Shurberg

Mrs. Lila Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Noel Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Mort Siegler

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Silberg

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Silverglat

Mrs. Ruth Silverman

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Simon

Mr. and Mrs. David Simon

Mr. Stuart Sinai

Dr. and Mrs. Ira Singer

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Sinkoff

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Skolnick

Mrs. Eva  Slane

Ms. Rachel Slutsky

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Soble

Mr. and Mrs. Zuheir Sofia

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Solomon

Ms. Janet Sperling

Mr. Seymour Spira

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spitzer

Ms. Hillary Steele

Mrs. Susan Benson-Steenbarger and Mr. Jack Steenbarger

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Steiner

Ms. Edna Steinglass

Steinwachs Family Foundation

Ms. June Stern

Ms. Bernice Stern

Mrs. Dorothy Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stevens

Ms. Jocelyn Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Stock

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Stoltz

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Stone

Dr. and Mrs. Julius Stone

Stone Family Foundation

Ms. Robin Strauss

Ms. Lois Stulberg

Ms. Wendy Surkis

Swart Family Foundation

Sweet Sparkman Architects Inc.

Synovus Bank

Take Care of Sarasota, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Taksen

Temple Beth Israel

Temple Beth Shalom

The Gettinger Family Foundation

The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation

The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee

The Joseph C. and Esther Foster Foundation, Inc.

The Z Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Torine

Total Image Hair Salon

Ms. Lillian Turin

Mr. and Mrs. William Turner

Udell Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ulin

USF Sarasota Manatee

Mrs. Gina Vandroff

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vigder

Ms. Annette Violante

Ms. Anne Virag

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Warburg

Mr. and Mrs. William Weed

Mrs. Jean Weiller

Rabbi and Mrs. Edgar Weinsberg

Mr. Fred Weinstein

Mrs. Frances Weintraub

Mr. and Mrs. David Weis

Dr. Richard Weiss

Mr. Stanford Weiss

Mr. Ernest Werlin

Mr. Bruce Wertheimer

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Wexler

Ms. Lillian White

Williams, Parker, Harrison, Dietz & Getzen

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Willner

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Winnick

Ms. Gilda Winnick Lender

Ms. Edie Winston

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Wohlman

Mr. and Mrs. Blair Wolfson

Ms. Joan H. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Woolf

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Wynne

Ms. Sally Yanowitz

Ms. Debbie Yonker

Youthful Aging Home Health

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Zackin

Ms. Barbara Zdravecky

Mr. Aaron Zelin

Zelniker & Dorfman Group

Mr. Michael Zuckerberg

Ms. Judy Zuckerberg and Mr. George Kole

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Zuckerman

* of blessed memory

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